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Eliminate ads from the interface of QQ


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QQ is the major Instant Messaging client in China and oriental countries and is spreading all over the world.

We could say it is the Messenger of that side of the world counting more than 70 millions of users. That's a lot and, of course, there are hundreds of add-ons and plugins for it.

One of the best plugins you can find for QQ IM is KillQQad, a lite add-on for QQ 2012 and previous versions which will eliminate banners and other kind of advertising from the interface of your favourite IM Client.

KillQQad is pretty easy to install, you only have to copy and paste all files you are about to download in the installation folder and run it. From then on, you won't see any ads on the interface. A clean interface for a perfect QQ experience.

Chat with friends and don't be disturbed by snag windows and banner. That's perfect.